We Got Spirit, Yes We Do, We Got Spirit, How About You?

Homecoming, a week to show off school spirit that creates everlasting memories and gives our students an opportunity to celebrate with gatherings and dress up days. The best part of Homecoming is uniting the students and becoming one. However, uniting together as one should not happen once a year. So we, Pearl City High School’s AVID class of 2014 decided to come up with something called Homegoing. 

Homegoing is exactly like Homecoming, it just happens during the ending of the year.  During Homecoming the students had an excessive amount of spirit and pride. All the students were proud to be known as a charger, Pearl City High School's mascot. But right after Homecoming the student’s spirit and pride vanished. Because of that, the purpose of Homegoing was to unite the underclassmen, create school spirit and reignite the pride of being a charger. The theme was Against All Odds; the slogan was sending on the spirit; and the song was “Send It On” by the Disney Stars. In addition, teachers could participate in these activities.

Each day of the week we had something different happening whether it was a dress up day, a morning activity, or a lunch time activity. Homegoing took place during the week of May 5, 2014 to May 9, 2014. On Monday, we wore our PJs. On Tuesday, we dressed up like tourists and our lunchtime activity was a water balloon toss and a relay race. It was a great day to have an activity dealing with water because it was the hottest day of that week, as it felt like you were in a desert.


On Wednesday, we dressed up wild, either wacky apparel or something with animal print.  We also had a lunch time performance by two of our students, who both sang a song. After the students performed, we had a sassy fashion show displaying the students wild outfits. This fashion show got the students on their feet as they cheered on their fellow classmates.

On Thursday, our dress-up theme was “Fancy” and we felt like the kings and queens of the school. Before school, the underclassmen were waving signs and cheering on the students as they came into the school. During lunch, we had three performances. One of the students rapped, the freshman dance crew performed an up beat hip-hop dance and the 2013-2014 cheerleading team did their routine. We even had a donut-eating contest, which was pretty messy.

 On Friday, we wore our class shirts, showing our class spirit. We even decorated AB courtyard (the area where we held all our lunch time activities and performances). Before school, the seniors were waving signs and cheering on the students as they came into our school.  Our last lunch time activity for Homegoing was a cheer competition. The winner of Homegoing 2014 were the seniors (class of 2014).

During Homegoing, many of great leadership qualities were learned. For example, a great leader sustains resilience. Resilience was one of the qualities we held on to. When something didn’t go the way we planned, we had to learn quickly to solve the problem, get back up, and try something new. Creating this event wasn’t easy but we didn’t let go of our vision as we held on to it.  Holding on to our vision was another leadership quality Homegoing had taught us. Honestly, Homegoing was something that I’ll never forget. I’m humbled and honored to be apart of something that united our school. It was refreshing to see the students of PCHS show their school pride and unite together becoming one.

--Macie Remular, Center for Tomorrow’s Leaders' Intern

All rights reserved.  Center for Tomorrow’s Leaders. 2014