Imagine an emerging group of student leaders who are exemplary role models, promising visionaries, and community builders.  Student leaders who passionately believe that change is possible and that it starts with them.  The Center for Tomorrow's Leaders Ambassadors program empowers Hawaii's next generation of leaders to do just that. 

The CTL Ambassadors program offers a leadership development course for diverse leaders.  Students are individually nominated by administrators and teachers. The framework is research-based, comprehensive, and based on core ethical values.  


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2018 - 2019 School Partners

Pearl City
Sacred Hearts/Kalani

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The Curriculum

Based on The Leadership Challenge, the 5 Practices of Exemplary Leadership® is the framework for the Center For Tomorrow's Leaders. They include:

Model the Way – how leaders identify and exemplify values

Inspire a Shared Vision – how leaders craft and communicate inspiring visions

Challenge the Process – how leaders see with new eyes to courageously innovate

Enable Others to Act – how leaders build strong teams and build new leaders

Encourage the Heart – how leaders sustain momentum by celebrating accomplishment

Program Goals

1. Student Engagement: The course is designed to expand the leadership capacity of each student. In doing so, they are inspired to take responsibility for their school’s future.

2. Culture Change: The course creates a platform for students to participate as advocates of school-wide change.

3. Student Voice: Competent and passionate student leaders should be a significant player in educational reform, and this program creates the mechanism to hear their voice.